The ideal "marketing communication" occurs when prospects visit vendors for an in-person view. It simply doesn't get better than that. Prospects move further and faster toward a buy in this scenario than at any time during the sales cycle.
In-person sessions allow prospects to easily absorb a full view, regardless of the complexity of the story. And it is only through a full understanding that prospects arrive at a purchasing state of mind.
This scenario serves as the guiding principle for all our efforts, from the creation of your content through strategies for its distribution.
We call our approach reality-based marketing because it captures the essence of this real world experience and delivers it to the prospect. As in a live session, the artifice of "marcom" is set aside. Prospects don't have to navigate through layers of marketing strategy to extract the information they seek. And the filters of skepticism that fall so automatically into place when one is targeted by sales "messaging" are far less at play.
Preserving the human aspect

As in the original marketplace, the human aspect—so essential for engaging prospects' full attention—is preserved, rather than hidden, and prospects enjoy a direct, experiential view of the product. No other communication format provides faster, fuller, or more credible transfer of information than this.

If all prospects could visit all vendors to satisfy every interest, there would be no need for marketing. Until then, Point Marketing can bring you closer to this ideal than you ever thought possible.