Who we are
Point Marketing began as marketing consultants in the late 80s, designing strategic campaigns for hi-tech clients. Today we are a software and services company delivering innovative sales and training content via a suite of streaming media platforms that rank among the most sophisticated technology in the domain.
Our strategy
We help clients solve the biggest problem in tech marketing—how does one deliver a large volume of information in a format that engages prospects long enough to convey the whole picture? We have found the way, using a combination of unique content, state-of-the-art media platforms, and a host of campaign-based strategies for delivering that content into the market. Underpinning it all is the powerful concept of reality-based marketing, an idea whose time has come.
The role of video
Despite the advanced state of streaming technology and ubiquitous broadband access in tech markets, most communications are still delivered in text. Not only does video deliver a far bigger informational payload, it's also far more engaging for the user. That's why video has become our medium of choice.
Our technology
Our innovative, reality-based content is now delivered through a suite of streaming media platforms which can be customized for any communication need. Whatever the mission, these presentation environments deliver a person-to-person experience, on demand, to any location—without special "plug-ins" or downloads.